Comparing the two Nikkor telephoto zooms: 70-210 F4 and the 80-200 F2.8

Both lenses:


Lets see the F2.8 lens first, shooting a tree in the garden at 200mm, F8, cropped image below:

80-200F2.8 @ 200 F8 GREEN80-200F2.8 @ 200 F8 GREEN - ZOOM

Now at F4:

80-200F2.8 @ 200 F4 GREEN80-200F2.8 @ 200 F4 GREEN - ZOOM

And finally wide open at F2.8:

80-200F2.8 @ 200 F2.8 GREEN80-200F2.8 @ 200 F2.8 GREEN - ZOOM

Looks pretty good, very little chromatic abberation.


Now moving onto the 70-210 F4 lens, at 210mm, F8:

70-210F4 @ 210 F8 GREEN70-210F4 @ 210 F8 GREEN - ZOOM

The colours are not as punchy as the F2.8 lens. Now lets go wide open at F4:

70-210F4 @ 210 F4 GREEN70-210F4 @ 210 F4 GREEN - ZOOM

Significant loss of resolution.


Now lets try a harsher test: Trees with white sky behind it for chromatic abberation. Again, beginning with the F2.8, this time at 170mm, at F8:

80-200F2.8 @ 170 F8 TREE80-200F2.8 @ 170 F8 TREE - ZOOM

Pretty good. Now at F5:

80-200F2.8 @ 170 F5 TREE80-200F2.8 @ 170 F5 TREE - ZOOM

A bit of focus error, yet the in focus parts still holding up well. Finally wide open at F2.8:

80-200F2.8 @ 170 F2.8 TREE80-200F2.8 @ 170 F2.8 TREE - ZOOM

Finally see a bit of chromatic abberation. Still acceptable as it is a very harsh test.

Now moving onto the F4 lens at 210, starting with F8:

70-210F4 @ 210 F8 TREE70-210F4 @ 210 F8 TREE - ZOOM

Hmm, sort of acceptable, but it should be better than this at F8. Now at F4:

70-210F4 @ 210 F4 TREE70-210F4 @ 210 F4 TREE - ZOOM

Significant chromatic abberation!

However, the F4 is £150 or even cheaper on ebay. The F2.8 is ~£300-350+. You get what you pay for. Also the F2.8 is significantly heavier, so it is quite cumbersome to carry around. The F4 is a delight to use for street shooting at F8, and convenient to carry around.


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