Comparing the two Nikkor telephoto zooms: 70-210 F4 and the 80-200 F2.8

Both lenses:


Lets see the F2.8 lens first, shooting a tree in the garden at 200mm, F8, cropped image below:

80-200F2.8 @ 200 F8 GREEN80-200F2.8 @ 200 F8 GREEN - ZOOM

Now at F4:

80-200F2.8 @ 200 F4 GREEN80-200F2.8 @ 200 F4 GREEN - ZOOM

And finally wide open at F2.8:

80-200F2.8 @ 200 F2.8 GREEN80-200F2.8 @ 200 F2.8 GREEN - ZOOM

Looks pretty good, very little chromatic abberation.


Now moving onto the 70-210 F4 lens, at 210mm, F8:

70-210F4 @ 210 F8 GREEN70-210F4 @ 210 F8 GREEN - ZOOM

The colours are not as punchy as the F2.8 lens. Now lets go wide open at F4:

70-210F4 @ 210 F4 GREEN70-210F4 @ 210 F4 GREEN - ZOOM

Significant loss of resolution.


Now lets try a harsher test: Trees with white sky behind it for chromatic abberation. Again, beginning with the F2.8, this time at 170mm, at F8:

80-200F2.8 @ 170 F8 TREE80-200F2.8 @ 170 F8 TREE - ZOOM

Pretty good. Now at F5:

80-200F2.8 @ 170 F5 TREE80-200F2.8 @ 170 F5 TREE - ZOOM

A bit of focus error, yet the in focus parts still holding up well. Finally wide open at F2.8:

80-200F2.8 @ 170 F2.8 TREE80-200F2.8 @ 170 F2.8 TREE - ZOOM

Finally see a bit of chromatic abberation. Still acceptable as it is a very harsh test.

Now moving onto the F4 lens at 210, starting with F8:

70-210F4 @ 210 F8 TREE70-210F4 @ 210 F8 TREE - ZOOM

Hmm, sort of acceptable, but it should be better than this at F8. Now at F4:

70-210F4 @ 210 F4 TREE70-210F4 @ 210 F4 TREE - ZOOM

Significant chromatic abberation!

However, the F4 is £150 or even cheaper on ebay. The F2.8 is ~£300-350+. You get what you pay for. Also the F2.8 is significantly heavier, so it is quite cumbersome to carry around. The F4 is a delight to use for street shooting at F8, and convenient to carry around.


iPhone 6 versus iPhone 7 Image Quality

A comparison of the image quality of the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 7, of the same scene captured in the office. The iPhone 7 has slightly more noise, which is expected form the smaller pixel size, and appears to be less vivid than the iPhone 6. However it wins with respect to resolution quite clearly. See images below, with some analysis done in Image J.


Above zoomed image highlighting the lower noise on the left of the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 7 on the right.


More vivid colours of the iPhone 6 on the left versus the iPhone 7, yet better definition of the plants on the right.